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Domestic Helper

Ensure that there is sufficient insurance coverage for the well-being of your domestic helper.

  Selection of Insurance Plans:
  • A maximum of $40,000 is paid when your helper is involved in an accident leading to permanent disability or her death
  • A maximum of $15,000 is paid for your helper’s hospital and surgical expenses in a year.
  • In the event your helper is hospitalised or on hospitalisation leave and you are without domestic services for up to a maximum period of 30 days, the insurance company will pay you up to $30 each day for your maid’s wages.


We have specialised cover for golfers designed specially to meet your needs. This includes loss or damage to golfing equipment, coverage for injuries and public liability during a golf game.

  Selection of Golf Insurance Plans:
  • Hole-in-One Celebration- Maximum payment of up to S$1,000 for food and beverages incurred at the golf course premises following a hole-in-one achievement.
  • Golf Equipment - Repair or replacement of your golfing equipment that have been accidentally damaged or stolen.
  • 24-Hour Personal Accident –Covers your medical expenses from accidental bodily injury resulting in loss of sight, limbs or death while playing golf on any driving range or golf course.
  • Liability to the public- Payment of up to $500,000 third-party cover for accidental bodily injuries and accidental property damaged caused by golfer while playing golf on the driving range or any golf course.



Personal Accident

Be financially covered and make contingencies for the unexpected. Ensure a safer future for you and your family by having enough for hospitalisation fees, medical treatment and even potential loss of income.

  Selection of Personal Accident Insurance Plans:
  • Permanent Disability – payment up to $1,500,000 due to an injury caused by an accident
  • Medical expenses for injury due to accident – payment up to $20,000
  • Child Support Fund – lump sum payment of up to $35,000 for death due to injury caused by an accident.
  • Optional Infectious disease cover – flexibility to enhance your coverage against 21 infectious diseases


Safeguard your home, valuables and loved ones with our comprehensive coverage. Obtain the right coverage for your needs whether it is a private home or HDB flat with our home protection solutions.

  Selection of Housing Coverage:
  • Public Housing Protection Plan for different types of HDB flats, with the option to increase the coverage of your home contents and added family protection.
  • Enhance your existing HDB fire insurance with complimentary building cover, home contents protection and comprehensive benefits of up to $330,000.
  • Premium home cover with extensive benefits such as all-risks home contents cover and $1 million worldwide personal liability cover.

Motor (Personal)

Get a peace of mind on the road with the selection of products from affordable protection to premium coverages.

  Options for Motor Insurance Coverages:
  • Comprehensive –
    • Covers loss or damage to your vehicle and your legal liability to third party’s (including passenger’s) injury and property damage.
    • Windscreen Coverage
    • Mainstream insurance companies include product features of claims due to Act of God (e.g. flood, windstorms)
    • Personal Accident and Medical Expenses
  • Third Party Fire & Theft-
    • Covers loss or damage to your vehicle caused directly by fire or theft as well as your legal liability for any third party’s injury or property damage.
  • Third Party Only
    • Covers  your legal liability coverage for any third party injury or property damage
Enhanced Features of Motor Insurance Plans (Applicable for Comprehensive Coverages):
  • Authorised Workshops or Repair at Workshop of Your Choice
  • Excess Waiver Benefit
  • Car Replacement/ Courtesy Car
  • Free 24-hour roadside assistance and towing service
  • Key replacement coverage
  • Windscreen replacement or repairs at your convenience
  • Courier services to your doorstep
  Get a quote today motor@tonghin.com.sg WhatsApp @ 9856 5321 / 9489 2977


Travel the world with a comprehensive travel insurance coverage and 24-hour assistance from the respective insurance companies of your choice.

  Selection of Travel Plans:
  • Single trip policy
  • Annual trip policy
  • Individual policy
  • Family policy
  • Student policy for overseas studies
  • Protection for lost and damaged belongings
  • Leisure sports coverage
  • Full terrorism coverage
Key Features of Travel Insurance:
  • Accidental Death & Disablement
  • Medical Coverage
  • Trip Cancellations
  • Loss of Belongings
  • Trip Delays
For enhanced benefits such as coverages for Waiver of Rental Vehicle Excess, Golf or Sports Activites, Credit Card Fraud and Terrorism Coverages, please speak to our Travel Specialists today! gi@tonghin.com.sg