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Our Promise

At Tong Hin, we have been in this business for more than 25 years. We understand what our clients go through during crisis. You can have that confidence that we are here to support you with advice and assistance. Should an accident occur, we will be working hand in hand with insurers to provide you with expert guidance in dealing with the claim.


Motor Claims Procedures

1. When an accident occurs, do not panic. Stay calm and take note of the vehicle number and the driver’s name, address and contact numbers.


2. If possible, take photographs and videos at the scene of the accident showing the position of the vehicles and the damages. Forward the photographs to us and bring along to the authorised workshop as soon as possible.


3. Ask for the insurance particulars of the other party/parties involved in the accident.


4. Please refrain from making any liability arrangement, offer or promise with regard to the accident. For private settlements, you may wish to give us a call at 9856 5321 or 9489 2977.


5. Ask for the name, address and contact numbers of the independent witnesses, if any.


6. Proceed to list of Reporting Centres to report the accident within 24 hours or the next working day of the occurrence of an accident regardless of whether you are claiming under your own policy.


7. For windscreen damage (provided it is covered), please call the warranty workshops before going down.


8. Please make a police report if the accident involves any of the following:

  • a) injury case
  • b) your stolen vehicle
  • c) non-injury case involving a government vehicle or damage to government property
  • d) non-injury involving a foreign vehicle
  • e) non-injury case involving pedestrian or cyclist
  • f) non-injury “hit-and-run” case


9. If you require towing assistance after business hours, please contact 9856 5321.